Nadia's Morocco Odyssey


What Did You Think??

Jeff Stanzler 2019-12-07

We want to thank all of you for doing such fine work this term, and for investing so much care in your responses. The mentors were truly impressed by what you had to say, and were often very challenged (in a good way!!) by your responses!

As we conclude the Odyssey, we would love to hear your thoughts about the project, both what you liked and also where you see room for improvement. We have some questions below. You don't have to answer all of them, but we'd be happy to read any of your thoughts and opinions that you wish to share.

On behalf of Nadia and the mentors, let us say that we hope you enjoyed the Morocco Odyssey!  

Best Wishes...Michael Fahy & Jeff Stanzler

P.S. Don't forget to say your personal goodbyes in response to Nadia's "Farewell" report in your (red or green) color conference.


Reflection Questions 

1) What was the best part of the Morocco Odyssey project? (please tell us all about it!)


2) If you could change something about Morocco Odyssey, what would you change (or add)?


3) What was the most interesting thing you found yourself thinking about because of the Morocco Odyssey?


4) What response from a mentor meant the most to you?


5) Think of all the responses you received from a mentor. What made you most want to respond to a mentor’s comment?


6) Finally...what country would you like to visit in a future Odyssey?