Nadia's Morocco Odyssey


Welcome to the 2019 Morocco Odyssey

Jeff Stanzler 2019-08-24

A hearty welcome to the 2019 Morocco Odyssey - we're very happy that you're here!!

We'll start by passing along a few items of information:

  1. Your first task is to introduce yourself to everyone else. **To post your personal profile, click on the "Create Profile" link on the left.** Your profile should be an introduction of yourself: what do we need to know about you? What are your interests? Where have you traveled? Where would you LIKE to travel?
  2. Our discussions this term will be based on the reports of Nadia Selim about her experiences living and teaching in Tetuoan, Morocco. To find her reports, just go into the RED conference activity space, and you'll automatically see the current report. Read the report to the bottom and you’ll see links to either ADD A COMMENT at the end, or continue past the end of the report to view the comments that already have been made. Each response has a REPLY link at the end, and by clicking on that you can target your response directly to that person’s posting. We will start with a posting that will soon (by 9-11) be available for commenting upon in the RED space: Nadia's introduction of herself.
  3. Just to warm up ;-), we're posting something short from one of our first Odyssey travelers for your consideration. Have a look and please share your comments by clicking on the ADD NEW COMMENT link below:

John Friedman wrote the following in response to questions about how he got along doing the kind of backpack traveling he did when he made one of the first Odyssey journeys several years ago:

“Trusting complete strangers is not an inherent quality in most Americans.  We are all brought up and told by our parents to "never talk to strangers."  It took a while for me to adjust and really let myself trust relatively unconditionally.  In many ways, one has no choice unless we want to travel in a vacuum.  People make places, not the museums or sites.  The way one learns about a culture is to experience the physical terrain of a place, or speak the language, or know a good place to eat dinner.  (If you believe this as I do) then you have no choice but to be friendly and outgoing toward strangers.  For me, it took a while.  Initially, I forced myself even though it did not feel natural or comfortable to me.  Within a couple months, though (and without having encountered any problems with the random people I met along the way, mostly having been welcomed with open arms and incredible hospitality by local people), it became quite natural for me to trust first until proven otherwise.  It was just something that evolved over time”.

John suggests that Americans aren’t as trusting as many other peoples and cultures.  Based on what you know or believe about Americans, do you agree? How about Taiwanese people? Please share your thoughts about John's comments...